Saturday, September 15, 2012

Spotlight 2 - Rajeswari

Welcome to the second episode of  SPOTLIGHT !!!

Today's guest is Rajeswari  from Diapermum!!!

I was searching for a few crochet flowers to show to my mom and ask her to do them for me when I came across Rajeswari's Blog....
If you love Crochet, home decor, then this is the place. I love her writing style too.. its quirky, funny and engaging.

So lets welcome her... Drumrolls please....
Here comes Rajeswari.....

Hello Rajeswari!! Tell us something about yourself.
A former run-of-the-mill IT consultant from Bangalore, currently I am a full-time home maker for my 2 adorably cute and incessantly demanding children. If this wasn't enough, my superior fraction (better ½) is sometimes most of the time even more demanding. The journey of my chaotic life is currently passing through Hong Kong.

When and how did you start blogging ?

Come New Year and resolutions are galore. I too had one resolution - to BLOG. Being an arty type of human being my house, life, art work is generally in a frenzied state of motion. I decided to bring some order into at least my art life through a blog. Started blogging in early 2012, February to be precise (did procrastinate for a month though). My creative desires always had an outlet, but now I use Blogger to showcase it. You will find lots of crochet decor items made to enhance the love and warmth in my home, crochet wearable for little ones, dabbles of paper crafts, home improvement ideas, scrap booking and sewing projects amidst my ramblings in space and time.

You have a very unique blog name....Tell us the story behind it.

One thing you will always find in my purse – any guesses? Not mini make-up kits like most Hong Kongers but diapers J Being a mom of a 3-year old girl and a 1-year old boy diapers are a must have in my bag. You have all heard of Super moms and multi-tasking moms and this-and-that mom. But I am a diaper mum and since my blog is my very own space, it mirrors my thoughts – Plus all the good names were already taken by bloggers world-wide and I had to do with this .

Ha ha...Diaper Mum is definitely interesting and catchy.  Tell us your source of inspiration, (a blog or person or anything).

Color, motion and DIY always inspire me. Nothing can beat the personal touch of a hand made item. The Internet age has really bought the world on one big stage. I find daily inspirations from fellow crafters and bloggers all over the world.

A few blogs which have truly inspired me and given me the confidence to start blogging –
v  Lucy from Attic 24 – Her choice of colors and writing is true eye-candy. Here blog -
v  Matt and Dennis from Both of them are gifted people and every piece of their work is perfection.
v  Alice from She too is an artist, an amazing photographer and an even awesome crocheter and knitter.

Thanks dear for this info... I can find many more crochet designs for my mom now!! So can others .

Do you sell your items? They are soo beautiful!!

Assets currently held are Mr. Smiley, Miss Sunshine, yarns, hooks, paper, buttons, beads, over flowing cupboards of crafty stash and a full time helper. Liabilities are a pigeon-hole sized home, banker who doesn’t do a thing on this own and perennial shortage of time. The priceless (semblance of) balance in all our life is my current revenue. On a more serious note, I do plan to turn my passion into my profession and start my own line of crochet items for sale. Currently my products can only be viewed on my blog. Would love to start taking personal orders .

All the very best Rajeswari , whenever you plunge into business, I hope and wish you success. But do you have any ideas or any advice for other? 

Not sure about business tactics but can say something about blogging as blogging has helped me learn a lot and also earn a lot of appreciation. Be true and honest in what you do and the result will be beautiful .

Simple yet true!!! What are your future plans regarding your blog?

Future plans for my blog include a whole lot more of crochet items and some scrap booking and paper craft too. Also want to get back to more of hand embroidery and sewing projects. Hope time will be waiting for me.

All of us will be waiting for your future projects and all the very best Rajeswari.

Come back again on 15th September and check out who will be under the spotlight .

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Dr Sonia S V said...

WOW such a creative personality with an awesome sense of humour!!Deepthi awesome interview

Jyoti Agrawal said...

Wow!!! Beautiful work. I love love love those blue flowers , clock and photo frame. And Rajeswari has written everything so interestingly.


Rajeswari said...

Thanks Deepti for the "Spotlight". It really means a lot of encouragement to young(in terms of blogging age) bloggers like me. Loved answering all your questions and being in the spotlight :)

GA said...

I want to buy some handmade customized crochet items in Bangalore. Could you please suggest from where I can buy?

GA said...

Please reply at gunjanamit at gmail